We have developed our services based on the needs our clients have shared with us. Time and again, with our combined competencies and experience in all aspects of office equipment and IT security and compliance systems, our clients have expressed the value of having one reliable source…AOT! We are ready to provide that value for you and your operation!

Do I need a maintenance plan?

  1. With a Service Contract / Maintenance Plan.

    We are glad to discuss the pros and cons of service contracts. Most of our clients choose them, but some decide not to, and accept a little more risk.

    Our service contracts/ maintenance plans are designed to cover your copy/ print volume. They are calculated to include toner supplies, service calls. travel expenses, and parts and labor. We find that those clients who view our machines as a long-term investment choose service plans. Normal wear and tear is covered.

  2. Without a Service Contract / Maintenance Plan.

    Atlantic Office Technologies also offers a non-contract service agreement. Some clients choose a pay-as-you-go service. Clients are responsible for parts, labor, travel, toner and supplies.